Fairing Savers?
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Thread: Fairing Savers?

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    Fairing Savers?

    Hi Guys..
    Was browsing ebay and saw a "Front Faring saver", it's a blue little knob mounted top of the coil covers that sticks out to prevent collision between road and faring surface..
    It's asking at $60US..
    1) Worth it?
    2) How does the unit "mount"??

    Any comments and suggestions?

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    You should be able to find them for close to that in CDN dollars.

    Most purchase the Intuitive ones, call some bike shops they usually carry some.


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    I've been looking around for some myself. The ones for the Honda have to be cut into the fairing to mount. They are not 100% but they do add some peace of mind and pocketbook.
    I've also seen some additional sliders that mount over the right foot brake near the and you can purchase one for the other side above clutch shifter. These two are to prevent your foot from being crushed by the bike if your pinned on either side.
    From what I've seen... it's a 4-5 inch thick cylinder.
    Does it work ??? Don't know... haven't dropped it yet... lol
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