Thanks Aaron at Modern.
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Thread: Thanks Aaron at Modern.

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    Thanks Aaron at Modern.

    Aaron pulled a good recovery and turned a pissed off customer into a happy one.

    Last Saturday I called Modern to see if they had a right rearset mount in stock for my 04 SV. I was told they did. So I book it down there and it turns out they didn't have one. They said they could have it in by Tuesday if they ordered it. I was a little miffed that nobody even said "Sorry you came down here for nothing" but oh well, I swallowed it.

    So on Wednesday I call and it's not in. Thursday I call and they say it's in. I book off work a bit early and head down there and low and behold... it's not in. Someone must have put on 03 mount in the box. Now I was PISSED that I was told "oh well, we'll call you when in it's in". If I got a "Shit sorry you have come down here twice and left empty handed, we'll make it up to you" I would have been happy but I didn't. My time is valuable to both me and the company I work for. So I say I just want to cancel the order because I didn't feel like going down there for a 3rd time. Aaron's not in and some guy (I know who but I won't say) just starts yelling "You think you have fucking problems.. blah blah blah". i know people make mistakes but it's nice to get an apology for them rather than a "ya whatever". So I leave pissed off as hell and ready to put up a post and flame the crap out of Modern but I decide I'll talk to Aaron on Friday and give him a chance to respond to me.

    So I refresh Aaron with the story and his response is "I'll check on where it is and call you back.. if I can ship it to you I will". So Aaron calls back shortly after calling the Suzuki warehouse and it was just picked up by the courier and to arrive at modern around 4pm. He said it was too late to send out so he'd DRIVE out and meet me at home or whatever PUB I happened to be at around 7pm. I was impressed. I said I'd tee up with him towards the end of the day and let him know where I might be.

    Well it turns out after work I had nothing to do so I went down there and picked it up because it was easier than waiting until 7pm. Yes it entailed me going down a 3rd time but just that Aaron recognized my beef and was going to put in the effort to make up for it made up for it. So thanks again Aaron. This just goes to show you CAN turn a bad customer experience into a good one.
    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

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    Hello BCSB!

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    aaron from modern rocks!
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    Aaron will try to date anyone,

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    third time lucky, shoulda called me first, satisfaction garanteed or your money back.

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