Big thumbs up to OWEN and SBW crew
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Thread: Big thumbs up to OWEN and SBW crew

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    Big thumbs up to OWEN and SBW crew

    SBW has been on going for almost 10 years because of one guy. Even if you love it or hate it it's still something that exists and something to go to. The first few years were only 30 to 40 bikes and it was poker run style ride . ( we made 5 stops drawing cards) It was fun and it turned into more a less a cannonball run . Which too this day is the best ride I have ever been on. It seemed to have doubled in popularity each year since the first few years.

    Now SBW has around 8 planned routes for all catagories of riders. You just grab a map jump in with a group and go.

    People sometimes claim not to go because of rumours that it's a "Gong Show" But what do you expect with 500 + riders with many from other provinces who have never ridden a mountain road.

    There's less accidents with 500 riders than there was with 50 the first few years.

    Owen seems to make the event better and better each year. There's now booth's to buy stuff, BMW test rides, food vendors, stuntshow, freestyle, wet T-shirt contest, spank Owen the hardest, and a kick ass Steak dinner

    Anyway big thanks To Owen and his crew for all the memories and a great time. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

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    Let me be the first to second that! Hats off to Owen and crew.
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