Change of clothing?
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Thread: Change of clothing?

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    Change of clothing?

    For those that use the nmotorcycle to go to work/university/etc... What do you do regarding clothing? The jacket you can simply take off, but the pants? Do you take a spare set, walk around in leather, wear two layers, or what?

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    I bring a change of clothes, but haven't really sorted out a nice 'n tidy way to carry all the gear yet

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    Aerostitch lets me wear whatever I need to on the inside but what I need to on the outside. The fact that I can wear something less pungent than beggrars clothes is good though.

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    I wear full leathers to work and change over to work clothes. I keep a double filing cabinet as my personal wardrobe. I rotate them on a regular basis of course - my tank bag can hold a set of change plus dress shoes.
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    Textile suit. I don't have to wear a suit jacket, so I wear my pants and dress shirt under my suit. Then, all I have to do is put the tie on when I get to work. Shoes go in my back pack. Clothes do get wet in the rain... ... but I tend to dry off before I see customers... barely.

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    i'll keep a change of clothes at my work,shirts/pants and shoes. I bring em home every so often in my backpac for a wash...although i have 5 work shirts that are exactly the same:P I keep a bottle of gel,deoderent, colonge and contact soloution at work so i have everything i need.
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    I take a change of pants in my tank bag. I have a spare pair of dress shoes under my desk at the office. I'll soon need a coupleof new pairs of pants. My current ones are getting tired but not worn out yet so I will bring these to work as spares for riding days. Remember to bring a belt!

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