what does pri mean?
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Thread: what does pri mean?

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    what does pri mean?

    on my gas switch thing there is "on / res / pri" what's pri mean? and what does it do?

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    The standard petcock has ON-OFF-RES (RESERVE). OFF is, well, off. ON takes fuel from a tube that sticks up from the petcock body into the tank. When the fuel level goes below the top of the tube, the carb runs out of gas until you turn on the reserve. The RES draws fuel from the bottom of the tank. Both tubes usually have fine wire filter screens on them and another screen in the petcock it's self.

    The second type of petcock has a diaphragm that automatically shuts off the gas when the engine stops. You will see a hose going from the petcock to a fitting on the intake manifold of one of the carbs. This supplies vacuum to one side of the diaphragm, opening the fuel valve inside the petcock. These petcocks have three settings. ON-RESERVE-PRI. ON is on. Reserve is reserve and PRI is Prime. Prime bypasses the diaphragm so you can fill the carbs with gas after they have been drained. Set it on PRI, fill the carbs and put it back to ON. Sometimes, ON is called MAIN.
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    If it's an older bike it stands for 'Prime' as in prime the carbs and fill up the float bowls if it ran out of gas or has sat for a while. Dawg is right.

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    if it ran out of gas or has sat for a while
    Or after the bike's been tipped over on its side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan
    Or after the bike's been tipped over on its side.
    Um.... actually there's USUALLY no need to set to PRIME after a dump.

    But what can happen after a dump with a bike that has carbs is that the gas drains from the upper carbs to the lower carbs since the floats are not able to control this when on their sides. The proper procedure is to hold the throttle half open and start the bike. At first it'll start with a lot of coughing and rough running but that will clear over a couple of seconds and you can roll off the throttle at the same time to hold the revs to around 5K as it clears.
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    Do not leave it on Prime for any longer than necessary. If you froget about it, you might flood the carbs. Or if you store it for the winter, you might have to clean out the carbs as part of your spring maintenance.

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    i think my owner's manual says to switch to prime when you used up main fuel level of gas....

    when you're in the on position and it runs dry, goto prime for some time before switching to reserve... but consult your owner's manual for details specific to your bike...
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    Specifically, it's a fuel valve. Turn the valve to pri "prime" for 30 seconds or so. This bypasses the vacuum shutoff, allowing fuel to fill the carburetor float chambers and facilitate a quicker, easier first start.
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    PRI stands for primadonna. don't use it unless you consider yourself one.

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