BC needs a raceway!
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Thread: BC needs a raceway!

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    BC needs more raceways! Do we have a raceway?

    Yes british columbia needs a raceway outside of vancouver or within the kootenays. I currently have to travel to Calgary if I'd like to legally race.. We have lots of drag strips, but no raceways... why?

    I think its time for bcsportbikes.com and its members to start an association to fund, research, and develop a motorcycle race track. I think the best location would be in a town like Trail, British Columbia.. Land around their is selling for very little and the towns residents need more employment opportunities. Anyways, I have to go out with my family, I will have a large article written on how we are to do this within three hours. What do you guys think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by burgerking
    Do we have a raceway?

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    There's preliminary plans for one outside Cache Creek. Full road courses are huge money. Millions of dollars are required along with a racer, spectator, government, and financial support to make it happen and keep it going.


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    I agree but as long as we have stupid government rules that won't allow major sponsors you ain't getting shit...the already lost , MOLSON indy, Just about BESON AND HEDGES symphony of fire, the SEA fest..Labatts world cup, PNE parade...and I'm sure the list can go on...remember we live in Vancouver...where you can buy a house in richmond then complain you don't like airplanes flying over your house and try change the flight pathes....were the residents downtown don't like all the people comming through their neighborhood to use the beaches or to see events(indy, Fireworks, Sea fest) Vancouver...the no fun town!!!! keeps living up to its name.

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    Hows the one in Merrit coming along?

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    While I agree that you need one over in the Kootneys I think it's a bit far for us to commute to from the GVRD area. You get your track and we'll get ours...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beanz
    Hows the one in Merrit coming along?
    not bad, they started doing off road training and the condo's are selling for $99,000 with a track view.

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    Yup.. check it out, looks awsome..

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    bc needs a lot of things before a track in the interior.

    1. real driver training.
    2. better road planning and construction.
    3. general increase in intelligence.
    4. loss of tree huggers.

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    i wonder when is the completion date for active mountain raceway

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    I would love to have a track 45 minutes from my house. I have my eye on all the track ready bikes in the Marketplace forum.

    Maybe next year will be the year.
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    Well, im starting a non-profit association to get a track in the kootenays.. If anyone is interested you can add me to msn messenger (jlavallee_14@hotmail.com). I will have a website up as soon as I can find a good free host with ftp access and no banners.

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    Introduction :

    The Kootenay Motorcycle Raceway is a very apt name for our new non-profit organization. Our goal is to develop a raceway outside of Trail, but to do this, we need drive. Simple. So in an effort to streamline all the creative drive and energy of the members of this message board, I have composed a detailed article outlining the goals and hiarchy of this organization.

    Each section begins with a small explanation, such as this, and may include a relevant link from the forum, sometimes with a quote below it. The quote is a part of the a member’s post, and is copied in its entirety. I have not changed anything, including spelling, grammar, etc. These represent the core ideas behind each section.

    A crucial thing to remember is that the The Kootenay Motorcycle Raceway Association is limited to no one. Everyone can participate, by making suggestions about the site or the committee, posting ideas in the forum, writing articles, referencing friends, etc. We are a community-based team, and we welcome input from everybody!

    Our eventual goal is, of course, to establish a raceway outside of Trail, British Columbia. However, for this to happen, we need to get the public to understand what a competitive motorcycle raceway can offer the community. It is in our capability. All we need is the drive.


    While I appreciate the need for order and regulation in any group of people over two, I also see very clearly the dangers of too much structure. Highly bureaucratic groups are too rigid and formal to operate at their full potential, as evidenced by NASA’s smothering pecking order. Becoming too enmeshed in titles, positions, and chains of command that are, at the end of the day, totally unwarranted, is a big temptation. Wanting to be the president or administrator of something should always comes second to actually getting something done.

    We are not NASA. Where a position is not needed, we wont create it. That being said, we should take a look at what positions we should have. What jobs need to be taken care of? Do they even really need an administrator? Must we report on every mundane detail in a secret information sheet, or should the results be accessible for everyone right there in the forum?

    Here’s what I’ve come up with. These are the essential roles that the Kootenay Motorcycle Raceway Association should fulfill as I see them, and we can add to or subtract any of them as the raceway begins to be constructed. Below is a list of divisions which make up this association, each division will have their own board within our associations forum, everyone may join as many divisions as they'd like.

    Resource Management

    * To construct the initial park, we will need to raise money ( video/powerpoint presentation, convention, etc.). This group will collect and pool funds associated with the Kootenay Motorcycle Association and by vote, determine their use and suggest allocations. Before the vote, we may argue for our views and opinions. We can discuss getting money within the thread called "Money Talks" within the forum of the Kootenay Motorcycle Association. Members of this division will commonly find and contact other motorcycle advocy groups, websites, etc. for publicity or donations. This group will also do bottle drives and other fundraisers.

    Raceway Engineering and Development

    * I, as a commercial, industrial, and residential engineering consultant, may help design or contact other engineers to develop the hotels and other facilities surrounding the raceway. However, I do not know how the track should be made, I will rely on the input of other racers to make what could possibly be the best track in Canada.

    Note also that one does not have to be in a particular group to help! The groups are simply ways to streamline a task by gathering people of like minds, interests, and abilities together to work towards a common goal. The groups only allow people to identify with what particular area of advocacy they would like to focus on.

    Anyways, I'll have a forum up shortly. I will soon publish an article on fundraising which won't actually begin untell we get a freelancing lawyer and actually encorporate this association in British Columbia. Does anyone know a good urban cartographer or city planner?

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    Now, what should our raceway need? Here's a list of my own. You may add to this... Remember, this is for real motorcycles and 50cc minimotorcylces (which will get kids interested in the sport at a young age).

    Motel (developed by Johnathan Zimmerman?)
    Restraunt (developed by Johnathan Zimmerman?)
    Concession (developed by Johnathan Zimmerman)
    Spectator Stands (developed by Johnathan Zimmerman)
    50cc Raceway
    Motorcycle Raceway
    Drag Strip
    Parking Lot (likely developed by someone in the area)
    Parkland (any ideas of who to develop this?)

    Anyways, has anyone seen Johnathan Zimmermans work? He makes domes, they are beautiful and I think that it would be nice to see them flaunted at a kootenay raceway. The domes are energy efficient, and really inexpensive... Amagine a motel and raceway which encorporates domes with arabian furniture (big pillows, mats, fine woods) and a heck of alot of crome (metallic and futuristic)... *drools* (yeah, I did take engineering in college; but i don't know much of domes, they aren't mainstream yet)

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    I think a foundation to build a raceway in TRAIL is freaking ridiculous.

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