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    Winter wonderland

    Hi everyone

    This is my first season riding and season is about to end. I know there are a few things u need to do before storin it before winter. So I was wondering if u guys can give me a few more pointers. I have a 01 gsxr 600. All help appreciated.


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    the season isn't ending if you ask me, Fall rides are my favorite. For you, a battery tender, proper inflation a full tank of fuel and stabilizer will do!!!
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    My big question about storing for the winter. Is tyre degradation. Should you deflate them a little, or put some protectant on them or what? I do not know if I am goign to pick up 2 stands this winter to hoist the bike up. So I am pondering on some other solutions.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I wouldn't worry much about winterizing in the Lower Mainland. I never had. Just start your bike once every few weeks and if possible, ride around in your building's parking lot.

    One thing I'd do is fill up the gas tank and add some fuel stabilizer. That will prevent rust and oxidation from forming on the inside of your tank. The fuel stabilizer is because gas goes bad after a while and can gum up your engine.

    Other than that, I have never done anything and I've never had a problem.
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    Your living in vancouver, you dont HAVE people..*shakes head*

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    i read somewhere else on this site that if u put in 94 octane fuel u dont need fuel stabilizer cuz it already contains enough of it

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    winterize puuuufffffffffffffft just wait for a sweet sunny day and lay a day permit on and ride. When all of see and hear we will be jonsen and shortly do the same!

    Add stabil (its cheap). If it sits for more than 3 months without new gas. The bad gas is a pain to deal with in the carbs. But hey try the 94 octane and tell me if it worked!!!

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