I'm looking for someone to take over my lease for a Mazda MPV, I originally leased it because I knew I wouldn't be needing a minivan for a long period of time. Now that the kids don't need strollers and craploads of diaper bags and supplies I can get rid of the van and get something I want. So as you can see it's perfect for new families with small children who need strollers and supplies.

So here's the details:
2003 dark Blue Mazda MPV DX
currently at 35,3XX KMS
monthly payment is $428.74 taxes included
lease end is April/March 2007
buyout at the end is $13,866

Aside from the 17" ADR revolutions, the short K&N powerflo intake and the 2 way compustar alarm it's completely stock.

The van sounds really mean at full throttle. I have paid for the month of september so there is only roughly 18 months left.

PM if interested.