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    Angry Marbod

    I'm not going to connect him with the track, but here goes: a couple of years ago my TLR was stolen along with my neighbors R1, and there was some talk about Marbod at the time. I had picked up a couple of Items from him, and can't remember whether my adress etc. was in his data base. At the time it was only rumors so I refrained from flaming him on this site. I didn't replace the bike because I didn't want to deal with theft/storage issues until I had a garage of my own. Well, I recently decided I couldn't wait anylonger and got an 04 rc51, so started reading this site again. I discovered a thread that made it sound as if Marbod has in the mean time been convicted of bike theft. I was in a certain other "M" shop the other day and over heard another certain"M" ask a certain "A" to call Marbod and ask him if he had a certain part. My question is, what the hell are suposedly respectable shops doing having business with a known bike thief? this is not a flame or a rhetorical question, I want to open up a discussion on this topic, because it seems hypocritical to me to be all pissed off when a bike gets stolen, and then tootle down to either M shop to buy parts or service. Comments? Sugestions?

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    Comment: There are already 2 very recent threads about Marbod and his legal troubles.

    Suggestion: Try reading those threads and replying to them.

    BTW: He wasn't convicted of "bike theft", he plead guilty to one count of possession of stolen property. There is a bit of a difference anyways. Like i said, check out those threads and see for yourself.

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    Been there and done that. We don't need another one of these threads.

    Oh and please choose this username or 01R6 as users are only allowed one username. Let me know because I'm going to ban whichever one you don't want to use anymore.
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