Warning other riders about radar
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Thread: Warning other riders about radar

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    Warning other riders about radar

    Just wanted to thank the guys who saved me a couple hundred bucks this morning around 9:45 @ murrin and encourage everyone to keep it up, it saved me it could save you.

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    I always warn other riders about radar but usually I just get looks like "why's that guy flapping his arms and smacking the top of his helmet?"

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    yep thanks to like 10-15 riders who warned me today on the s2s. They had a speed trap in between squamish and whistler today. I would have gotten nailed hard today if it wasnt for u guys. I have like 4 speeding tickets in the last 2months i think im on the verge of getting my license suspended. To bad i dont know who u guys are or i'd buy u guys all a round. Thnx

    Also whats up with the cagers nowadays i remember they use to high beam to warn of speed traps all the time, they dont do that no more. That should be taught at driving school.
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    I suppose I should thank the SUV driver who was madly waving his arm and flashing his headlights at me yesterday as I was doing the Mission loop. I thought "gee, thanks, now I know the cops are ahead" and slowed down. Came around the corner to find a forest rat (otherwise known as a deer) standing in the road. It hopped out of the way before I got there, though. Might have been more exciting if I didn't know it was coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duke999s999
    Also whats up with the cagers nowadays i remember they use to high beam to warn of speed traps all the time, they dont do that no more.
    I often find myself flashing my High beam franticly, wondering if other drivers think I am just a road raging asshole.

    Of course, I do this to warn other drivers of upcoming dangers and hazards, like hmmm, kids playing on the highway or something.

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    It seems while riders warn other riders of radar/police ahead, cars -intentionally?- don't forewarn riders because they figure we deserve whatever's comin' to us. Just my cynical 2kms. And in fairness, when I'm in my car: I pick and choose who I'll warn. I'll always warn riders, but a car-load of teens pushin' the corners of the S2S in an ole' Camaro: Toast.

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