A Jewish captain and a Chinese first officer are flying together for the first time.

After half an hour's strained silence, the captain speaks. "I don't like Chinese."

"Ooh, no like Chinese," replies the first officer, "why so?"

"Well," says the captain, "it was you lot who bombed Pearl Harbour."

The Chinese first officer shakes his head. "Chinese no bomb Pearl Harbour, that was Japanese!" he cries.

The captain laughs dismissively. "Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese... they're all the same to me."

There's a seething silence, then the first officer pipes up. "I no like Jew."

"What's wrong with Jews?" growls the Jewish captain.

"Well," says the Chinese first officer shrugging, "Jews sink Titanic."

"No, no," corrects the captain, "the Jews didn't sink the Titanic. That was an iceberg."

The oriental looks back at him. "Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg...they all same to me..."