Does anyone know where to get NC29 key?
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Thread: Does anyone know where to get NC29 key?

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    Does anyone know where to get NC29 key?

    Hi All,

    I have a 1990 NC29 400RR. Have not been able to get the key copied because many shops including Honda dealers don't carry the correct blank. Does anyone who has this bike or other J-spec Hondas know where they can get a key copied? Kind of scary not having a spare! Thanks.
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    It's a long shot but you may want to try Key West Locksmiths out in Richmond,

    This is where the dealer told me to go (rather than order blanks from them...imagine that eh?) when I wanted to cut duplicate keys, they were the only local place that had blanks for my '88 FZR400
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    There's a place in new west that can copy any key ....on 6th i think

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