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    Angry Winter storage...

    Well the time is nearing where I'll have to put my bike in storage for the winter. I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions... I know that I can take it to a shop (ie Imperial) and have them take care of it for me. I don't have a garage so I can't have it at home. What other choices do I have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solar
    What other choices do I have?
    ride all year

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    Most shops have a winter storage program. Giver, well worth the peace of mind when you ask me. Your other option is to do it yourself. Run fuel stabilizer through it, top up the fuel tank, change the oil, add a bit of oil into each cylinder and give it a few cranks without starting it, drain the carbs and throw a battery tender on. DONE!

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    We keep our bikes in our living room, with the fan on it almost feels like your riding.

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    September and October are still great months to ride - cooler, mostly dry, not all the summer time, vacationing yahoos out there.

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    Keep riding the little bastard and consult THIS THREAD for some good information.

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    Check out my scheme.... Pawn your bike for 100.00 pay the $25.00 monthly fee and collect in the spring!!! Heated storage, secure, alarm who could ask for anything more?

    My buddy owns a pawn shop and I keep trying to convince him of this
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    5th Gear usually has a good deal on winterization and storage.
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    Drain the fluids and put it up in your bedroom, or better yet, your living room.

    Did that for years in college.

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    Do a search on the topic there is a ton of stuff out there. If you have access to a carport pm me and I will show you a sweet set up for under $100 that you can reuse and take with you if you move elsewhere.
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    u could check out teaming up with some friends and renting a heated storage space ....
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    woah monica... there's still another 3 1/2 months to ride at least :P
    if you need to you can probably put it in my living room...
    whether my bike will be there next to it or not? i'm not sure... still debating whether to store it or sell before i leave the country...
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    Best thing for a bike is to start it regularly - like once a week. Keeps the upper cylinders and valves lubed. Oil tends to slide to the bottom after time making for a dry start - not good.

    If you cannot start the bike regularly, keep the battery charged, full tank of gas with stabilizer and a little methlhydrate. Pull the plugs and add a half and half mix of stp and 30 weight oil to each cylinder and turn over. This is a common recipe engine rebuilders use. If you are turning the engine over by starter make sure each spark plug or lead is grounded to prevent ignition system damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgixxer
    Best thing for a bike is to start it regularly - like once a week. Keeps the upper cylinders and valves lubed. Oil tends to slide to the bottom after time making for a dry start - not good.
    That is incorrect as the bike doesn't get warm enough to burn off the condensation created on the oil.

    Condensation = water

    Water = rust

    Plus, when the oil is warm and the bike is shut off, the oil all runs to the bottom anyway.
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    The best thing for a bike is to RIDE it regularly or NOT at all.

    Idling in a garage does not consitutue a ride, it might burn off the water after about 10-15 min of idling but thats not good for the engine either.

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