DATE: Wednesday, September 7th
TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: The Justice Institute in Room C230 (715 McBride Blvd in New Westminster)

GUEST SPEAKER: Bryan Lowes of the B.C. Safety Council will be coming to speak about their upcoming Traffic Safety Symposium on September 20-25, 2005. Plus more!

Meetings are free and all motorcyclists are welcome!

BC Safety Council has provided motorcycle rider training services to the BC motorcycle community since 1971. We’ve been known for our innovation in curriculum and training techniques and the effectiveness of our training. New and experienced rider training is available for students of all ages. After 40,000+ students we’ve learned a few things about motorcycle safety and motorcycle operation.


We’re having a Traffic Safety Symposium, and you’re invited. There is a Professional Safety Series on September 20-22, featuring Commercial Vehicles, Emergency Responder, Motorcycle Industry and General Traffic topics. You are welcome to attend part or all of this section, BUT, you’ll really want to attend the weekend Community Safety Series on September 24 and 25. This series features Motorcycle Safety topics for riders and clubs, along with more General Traffic topics. Some of the topics you can attend include:

- Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study – Implications for Riders & Clubs

- Motorcycle Performance, Demographic Trends & Safety – Implications for Government, Industry & Riders

- Motorcycle Personal Protective Equipment – How Well Does It Work?

- Emergency Manoeuvers Clinic – Strategies & Techniques for the Street

- Motorcycle Tire, Brakes & Traction Clinic

All of these topics take place on Saturday, September 24th at the Newlands Golf & Country Club in Langley. On Sunday, September 25th, you can also attend a special Emergency Skills Training Day at Boundary Bay Airport in Delta. Learn how to maximize your collision avoidance skills – on your own motorcycle – in a graduated series of exercises that will progressively develop your responses.

We’re providing an overview of the Symposium at the BCCOM evening at the Justice Institute on Wednesday, September 7th. Come on out and find out what it’s all about and why you should attend. The Symposium is part of our commitment to the motorcycle community, and is offered at exceptionally good value. You’ll even get a great Newlands brunch on Saturday!

We’re going to be giving away 3 delegate packages to the September 24th educational sessions (including lunch!) as door prizes. You can only win if you attend the evening event on September 7th, so come on out. There will also be a special surprise offer available to everyone as well. See you there!

For info please call (604) 580-0111 or 1-877-580-0111