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    Question Power loss at 4th gear... then...

    I was riding down the UBC highway today. I was goin round 100km/h or lil less and i as i changed to 4th gear i felt a power loss and the throttle had little response even when i floored the throttle. So i try down shifting ( i just read about down shifting... i was not doing it right..)... and still throttle had little response..

    At the end of the high way there is a Traffic light. I pull in the clutch and just coasted while braking as i just poped the gear all the way down to first before icame to a complete stop at the red light.

    Then i noticed my bike wasn't running by the time i got the the light. And there was a lot of smoke coming out the back. It took a few tries to start her back up again.

    Is it because i downshift fucked up ? Im hoping it wasn't my bike...

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    KR-1's have some notorious problems, even for a two-stroke.

    The original ring retaining pin tended to come adrift. There's an upgraded replacement part available.

    The engines are highly stressed, and require top end rebuilds frequently. Good luck getting parts, you may have to go to Japan, the UK, or Australia to find them, since they weren't sold here.

    What's the mileage on it?

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    its got 10700 km. top end rebuild eh... ??? JP and UK.... I can take the internet over there =)

    the bike died again today while i was on 49th. I looked into the gas tank and there was still fuel in there but not much... so i had to walk my bike up half a block to the petro on victoria(?i think) well i filled up up with some 91 octane and then she ran like an energizer bunny.

    So i think the problem was i did not haveenough fuel. But i never knew about the retaining pin thing.

    I heard kr-1s are a bitch... high maintanence and shit... but she'z worth it.

    Yeah i am thinking about an engine rebuild, but i dont know much about it and how it all works and which mechanic i should go to. This is my first bike, i like the feeling, but i cant compare it to anything else (except for the honda rebels at Action). So im not sure if things are running the way they should be or if there are problems n such.

    All i know is she runs good with a full stomach. lol

    Know any Two stroke maintanence basics?

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