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    Are looking at a 2000 CBR F4? You will not recognise THIS CBR, with its two-tone blue purple paint. Or its Carbon sticker set, or maybe the Vance Pipe, or is it all the crome. Trust me, this is every bit a CBR F4, just better looking. The bike presently lives in Vancouver, but is from the States, it has permanent residence status though (the US bike is rumoured to be faster, I wouldn’t know, I NEVER speed…) but this thing does hall ass. I am the second owner and I have just purchased a new RR and now I am looking for a good home for this bike. The bike runs great, I feed it only the best gas, get it a check up once a year, and only ride in fair weather (so summers only). There is a NEON mount and wiring but no bulb (Customs now has it) but you can easily install another. I have a tank bra, extra pipe, and I will though in a NEW jacket. If you have any other questions or if you would like to see a picture, feel free to write me. First $4900, takes!
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