KTM 950 what u think of them?
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Thread: KTM 950 what u think of them?

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    KTM 950 what u think of them?

    just wondering if people can give some ideas on this bike or others like it.

    I am looking at this market to purchase a new bike to play with, and these Adv. tour bikes seem like a lot of fun.

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    Some good riders reports on VisorDown.Com
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    Met a guy at the ferry terminal with one. He loved it, but thought it was a bit too powerful for him. I believe he was considering trading it in for possibly a new VStrom 650.
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    I think they're awesome!

    You might want to take a look at advrider.com if you think adventure bikes are for you. The consensus seems to be that the 950 is the most dirt-worthy of the big adventure bikes.
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