Dick Cheney and the Bushes
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Thread: Dick Cheney and the Bushes

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    Dick Cheney and the Bushes

    Dick Cheney, President Bush and his father are flying on Air Force One.
    Dick looks at Dubya, chuckles and says, "You know, I couldthrow a $100.00 bill out the window right now and make one person very happy."
    Dubya shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well, I could throw ten $10.00 bills out the window and make 10 people very happy."
    George Bush Senior says, "Of course then, I could throw one-hundred $1.00 bills out the window and make a hundred people very happy."
    The pilot rolls her eyes, looks at all of them and says, "I could throw all of you out the window and make the whole country happy."
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    Which one?
    Good one!!

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