feeler gauge by motion pro - local supplier?
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Thread: feeler gauge by motion pro - local supplier?

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    feeler gauge by motion pro - local supplier?

    I'm looking for the tappet feeler gauge by motion pro in the size .oo2-.003. It's the feeler gauge that has a 90 degree bend on it, used for most small honda's and some suzuki's. I can find them on the net but shipping make's it not worth it and carter honda only sells them in a card of six for $39!!! What the heck am I supposed to do with 6 of the same feeler gauge? (I want the gauge to adjust the valves on my ZB50) or does someone have an extra for sale?

    Here is the gauge

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    Um.... try getting a basic $10 set and bend them?

    It's spring steel but they aren't that fragile. Bend them around a slightly smoothed edge of sheet metal or something similar.
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    You can get pre-bent ones from an auto supply company if you look around.

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    cool thank you

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