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    Need opinion.......


    I am trying to sell my bike but there was a guys replied me from said that my price is ridicilous and i am a f**king douch bag.

    My price is $10500 of course best offer are welcomed.What I have on my bike is


    Local, no accidents
    Scotts Performance Steering Damper
    True HID(High intensity discharge)lighting system
    Graphic Art Moto Design LED signal undertail
    Rear spool mounted stand
    Zero Gravity Double Bubble Smoke windscreen
    Frame sliders
    Clear front flushmount signals
    Spools for stand

    I have the stock undertail, windscreen, extra passenger pegs, signals, and exhaust mounting bracket as well.

    Can someone please give me some opinion.

    Thank for you guys helps.

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    Tell 'em to STUFF IT!

    Then wait till you get what you want or wait till someone offers you at least the minimum amount you're willing to take
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    Ask anything you want for it. There's nothing illegal or unscrupulous about asking $10,000 for a used motorcycle.

    It's not like you bought some Terry Fox shoes and are trying to make a profit on them or actually asking for money for your old, stained furniture.

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    profit on Terry Fox shoes...I was just thinkin the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Green 9R
    profit on Terry Fox shoes...I was just thinkin the same
    Apparently, Sportchek was supposed to donate ALL proceeds from the shoes to the Terry Fox Foundation.

    So, if THEY'RE not gonna cash in, some local guy might as well try to make a quick $100 from his opportunistic purchases.

    I am tired of people trying to help others out, it's time to make some money! I am gonna put a toll booth in front of my house with a gate that blocks the whole street. Everyone will be allowed through for free except for the handicapped who will have to pay a toll relative to their personal misfortunes:

    • Amputees = $5
    • Mentally Challenged = $10
    • Parapalegic = $15
    • Blind = $100 (i'll just tell them i grabbed a fiver from them)

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    we still dont know what type of bike it coudl be a buel...ehehehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturnin
    we still dont know what type of bike it coudl be a buel...ehehehe
    It's a 2002 or 2003 R1. I saw it in the marketplace section, muthafucka.

    BTW, your toll would be $50

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    Ask anything you want for it. There's nothing illegal or unscrupulous about asking $10,000 for a used motorcycle.
    Yeah like he said ask what ever you want for it. Remember there's a sucker born every second..all you have to do is find one!
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    guys replied me from said that my price is ridicilous and i am a f**king douch bag.
    I dunno. Is the price ridiculous?
    Are you a douche bag?

    Obviously, that's a fellow who isn't going to buy your motorcycle.
    Someone else will.
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    While I agree with everyone that you should ask what you want for it, and you have every right too, just remember that buyers are going to want to pay less than what you are asking. Posting a price and then opening it up to offers is all that you can do.

    I know many people would like to get back at least a portion of what they paid into the bike for accessories, but it's never easy getting that money back. When I sold my last bike I took a big loss on money spent on accessories. Nothing I can do about that. Remember, it's all up to you. If you absolutely have to sell it for the money, you may have to take a loss. It sucks, but that's how it goes.

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    Nice Bike, nice parts list. I wouldn't have called you a douchbag, but I think your a little high on your ask. I've see an 04 with similar KM's for about the same price.

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    Why don't you go ask a dealer what it would be worth as a trade in and then add 10% to that number.

    2005 R1 was $14,999 brand new, so as of today, the following bikes would be worth about this much:

    2004 R1 - $13,125
    2003 R1 - $11,485
    2002 R1 - $10,050

    However, the 2006 R1 has been released so that will have to be taken into account, so...

    2005 R1 - $13,125
    2004 R1 - $11,485
    2003 R1 - $10,050
    2002 R1 - $8,800

    The modifications are worth absolutely nothing on the bike, unless the owner wants them. Remove them, put the bike to stock, and sell like that. Resell parts seperately.

    Of course, this is just my opinion, what do I know. My bike is for sale for $6300.
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    Yep, performance mods mean nothing for resale value. As a matter of fact, they can *decrease* it's value as most folks want stock and even mod guys want to trick their bikes out themselves.

    Also, perhaps the guy calling you a dick or whatever was assuming that you were asking American dollars. Then it would be outrageous.

    IMO, 10.5K for a 2002-2003 is a little high, considering a used '04 is around the same scrilla. But I won't resort to name calling.

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    I would say it's high but certainly wouldn't flame you for it.

    As a point of reference, a brand new '04 R1 is available here in Vic for $12,199.00 - that gives you peace of mind, a newer generation machine, and a full warranty - all of which makes it worth it in my opinion over spending 20% less for a used bike with no warranty and (no offence) ridden by a stranger who may or may not have treated it properly.

    $9000-$9400 would be a good starting point if I was trying to sell it.

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    none at the moment
    We still don't really know what kinda bike it is.
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