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    MANISM video

    I was up in Penticton for the BC Day long weekend and the beginning of Peachfest and there were a bunch of guys promoting this new video they made called "MANISM". They had this sweet location for their premier showing that was only 15 minutes from Penticton on an Indian Reserve. When I got there it was basically a gong-show at midnight...there was all these trucks lighting up this dirt area because there was dirt bikes jumping a huge stack of cars...

    But moving on...the main thing I was going to talk about was the was video compiled of boozing, girls, and motorcycles. They had crazy stuff that people were doing on bikes (their own friends) and also had a segment of some BC stunt bike riders.

    Has anybody else heard of this video or seen it before? If I found it, I'd buy it!
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    Welp, I havent heard of that video but the D.I.P. video I have is the same

    Its called drunk in public 2, and its all local stuff, drinking and catching on fire and motorcycle stunts and fights downtown etc. Great stuff...

    Im betting its this video I don't know why they'd call it "Manism" that sounds sorta fruity.

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