winter is coming, dual purpose recomendations?
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Thread: winter is coming, dual purpose recomendations?

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    winter is coming, dual purpose recomendations?

    I have been looking at enduro/dual purpose type bikes. Most of the travel i will have to do will be street and offroad. It will be about 20-30 minutes in length each morning. I am looking for a street legal(or that i could legalize) bike that is gd on gas, it'l do near 70km/h and something that i wont get killed with insurance prices. About anything from around 125-250cc would prpboly be gd enough for me.
    Could anybody recommend some bikes? whats the mpg rating for these types of bikes?

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    To get to 70 kph and stay there for any length of time you'll need at least a 250...a yamaha xt225 is about as small as i would get...if you can find an older yamaha dt200 they're a 2 stroke thats light and funner in the dirt...but for a majority of street stick to a has a little dr200...kawi...klr xl250....see Bill at 5th...they're all not bad on fuel...I had a few of the above if i remember about 200k per tank if you can check out a drz400 suzuki...prob.the best dual sport..

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    Keep to 400cc or less for the best insurance rate. If the majority of riding is street a 4-stroke is probably the best. You can still have fun on the trails with it.

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    What's your budget ?

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    I think a TW200 from Yamaha? I've been looking at those myself as well, anyone has one or have ridden those?

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    get an oil cooled bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liango_13
    I think a TW200 from Yamaha? I've been looking at those myself as well, anyone has one or have ridden those?
    For strictly in city riding it would be fine. But these would suck on the highway. My DR350 is OK on the highway and given some time and room will hit 140 but over 110 for more than a pass and it sure ain't happy. The engines are of similar tune but my bike has almost double the displacement so you do the math.

    Having said this I do find that around town this bike is a blast to ride and cuts through traffic like a hot Ginsu knife through butter.

    Brendan, if you want to check it out there's an electric start DR350 that I have on consignment at Imperial. Do a web search on these bikes and I think that like me you'll be impressed. The one there isn't the cheapest but it's only got 1600 kms on it and it's a '99. Basically it's not even finished being broken in yet. The wife dropped it a couple of times doing off road riding so it's got a couple of scuffs and a bandaid on a couple of lights but it runs like a champ. PM me if you need any more details.
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