Officers Doing Their Jobs...
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    Officers Doing Their Jobs...

    So I was at work today near the entrance when I heard a police car activate the siren to pull someone over. I'm the curious type, so I stepped outside for a quick look. Turns out the truck they pulled over was a huge Silverado 3500... and strapped to the back of it was a yellow Ducati 999. There were two men inside the truck, and I watched as the officers went through their routine of checking them out to make sure everything was on the up and up... and although there were some anomalies like the driver not having his license with him, and that he said the bike was his friends... apparently their stories held up and after a few minutes, the police let him go on their way. The police did make the guys produce the insurance papers for the bike... and the guys did have the keys to it, so I guess it wasn't stolen.

    Guess it was just nice seeing officers checking up on trucks hauling bikes in the back...

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    Good to hear!
    2007 BMW G650X Challenge

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    Nice to see the blue do something for a change.

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    cops rock>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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    cops hit me up at 445am in the morning outside 4th ave as i was warming up the bike.... They wanted to make sure i wasn't ripping it off. good to see!

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