WTB: Left Side Fairing 2002 GSXR750
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Thread: WTB: Left Side Fairing 2002 GSXR750

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    WTB: Left Side Fairing 2002 GSXR750

    I just got one of my fairings stolen, and I was wondering if anyone has one for sale. I am looking for a 2002 Blue/White Left Side fairing.

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    WTF!!! where were you parked?

    I was at rocky mountain cycles in surrey this past week and saw they had some gixxer body work hanging up on their walls, don't know what year it was from but you'd might try giving them a call.

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    Thanks for the note on rocky mountain cycles. I actually parked it near work. I don't want to mention where, for the obvious reasons. Good thing they didn't touch my Yosh.

    I went to Rocky Mountian Cycles and they actually have a fairing set for a 2001 Gixxer 600, Blue/White if anyone is interested.
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