Half built stunt bike for sale
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Thread: Half built stunt bike for sale

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    Half built stunt bike for sale


    due to certain circumstances in my life I have to sell the stunt bike I bought to build. Check the for sale foum. Any questions just ask me

    I had to buy a new car and don't have the funds to finish the bike since i'm still paying for my R6 too. Plus I work on cars all day and have no drive to come home and work on the CBR anymore. I want to go out and relax.

    What needs to be done...

    Fit the motor and drill motormounts, put the rear axle, chain, wheel and tire and all that stuff on. All that needs to be done is bolt on stuff and a bit of wiring. if you want some pics on the progress done let me know

    I've got it up for 2500.

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