Power boating = fun times
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Thread: Power boating = fun times

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    Power boating = fun times

    Was out on my buddy's boat this weekend. Man, that's a lot of fun. Here are the particulars:

    22-23 foot Scarab, smaller cigarette boat with a 454 big block - 450 hp, bloody fast and handles great. We launced into the air a couple of times. (Top speed 81 miles per hour) This thing looks totally money and garnered looks from men and women alike everywhere we went.

    My question: when we launched into the air, it really felt out of control. Can accidents happen this way or do boats have pretty reliable landings? Launching is pretty fun and all, but I saw my life flash before my eyes a couple of times.

    It was f*cking nuts anyway and a lot of fun. I don't think I'd ever invest though, boat = bring on another thousand ($$ that is)

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    Hey, if you want to have fun out on a boat, but don't know anyone that owns one. Go down to Coal Harbour and you can rent up to 17' boats!! They are about $60-$70 an hour + gas I think, it's been a few years since I've rented one there. Depending on the size you rent. (the big ones are the funnest!)

    I've had them in there air too, those waves from the cruise ships are bigger than they appear!!!!

    As for landing coming off a wave it can be a bit harry if you land on the next wave on an angle. (this happened when my friend tried buzzing the Seabus and hit it's wake) everyone went floppin everywear and arms banged on the side of the boat. It was a blast!!
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