dumbest race crash ever!
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Thread: dumbest race crash ever!

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    dumbest race crash ever!

    Poor guy looped his bike after a 2 hours of a 24hr race while leading the race for his team.


    Originally Posted by Papa Thiam
    Sadly, I have no video as the race has 21 hours to go. But this will definitely be on the Internet soon.

    Frenchman David Morillon was battling David Checa on the opening lap. The swapped positions a couple of times and Morillon's ZX-10R came out of the last chicane (Magny-Cours racetrack, btw) in the lead. That's a 2nd-gear (at most) corner. And, it got amazing.

    Morillon, obviously overjoyed, stands up on the pegs and bends over to look back at Checa........... between his legs! While looking back, he rolls on the throttle and by the time he looks up, the Kawi has gone vertical. Unfortunately (for him, because it looked awesome to me), there was no Biaggi-like ending (Brno, 1998). Yes, he looped his bike while crossing the finish line on the first lap of the Bol d'Or, with 23 hours and 58 minutes left to race! A couple dozen bikes had to make interesting avoidance maneuvers and the safety car came out.

    Of course, they stuffed a microphone in his face as he was removing his helmet. the guy was obviously beyond embarrassed and tried to say he wasn't particularly trying to wheelie, doesn't know what happened, and was surprised by what the motorcycle did.

    I imagine his three teammates and the mechanics are very happy with him right now.
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    Performing that unorthadox "rear-check" by sticking his ass in the air, going 180+, created a lot of lift! The only place he was really gripping the bike was the handlebars, so up the front end comes! Momentum, inertia and surprise take it from there.

    Hell of a lesson in aerodynamics!

    Great clip, thanks for the link.

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    oops....looks like he wasn't covering the rear brake! hahahaaa
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    Classic. What was he trying to do, smell his own fart?

    You know, a set of Coolio's wheel weights would have saved the day.

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    Yet another way to loose the race>
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    T A B E R N A K

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    maybe he was trying to look back between his legs, as a kinda "ha ha you suck, I passed you... neener neener neener" type taunt....

    Too bad I he probably wasn't laughing as he ran for his life...

    - Joseph

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    the link is dead.....oh well....from what i can gather....he probably forgot to put the weight in the front wheel....lol

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