Is EVERYONE selling their bikes?
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Thread: Is EVERYONE selling their bikes?

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    Question Is EVERYONE selling their bikes?

    In the last month or so, I have seen a LOT of BCSB members with their bikes up for sale all of a sudden. Is this normal?

    I was amoung those selling their bikes, I needed the money for school since my student loan fell through, but wondered if lots of people sell now and then upgrade in the spring?

    Seems backwards to me, I always buy in the fall, but almost every day I see a new person selling their bikes and I am worried that our members are going to get the shaft.

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    I wish.
    I got mine stolen. Sorta a forced sale.
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    Oh ya, I heard about that. I heard something about someone signing it and raffeling it off in some sort of contest. j/k Adam, I hope you get a good settlement or a above suitable replacement. Good luck Mang!
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    yes yes good good, sell!
    and please sell low!!


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    My 97 750 is for sale cause I bought a new bike this summer and don't need it anymore.

    I would think that the end of the summer would be a selling time 'cause people see themselves not using their bikes soon...

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    I know someone who's got a smokin deal on a 97 600. it's the best one I've ever seen. ever. EVER!

    buy it!

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    Silly time to sell. Good time to buy, especially from a Dealer. Each month that new bike sits on the showroom floor is another cost to the dealer. 02 models should be falling in price now. Noticed there's still 01 models not sold yet.

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    I agree with Dirtybill. If you're looking to buy, hold off as long as you can. Dealers likely start getting really anxious in a month or so if some '02 models are still on the floor.
    If they don't have much else to sell the rest of the year, they'll be desperate to part with a bike which likely means a good deal for you!
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    Originally posted by bender
    I know someone who's got a smokin deal on a 97 600. it's the best one I've ever seen. ever. EVER!

    buy it!
    I'm TRYING!!!

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