Oyster Run in Anacortes
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Thread: Oyster Run in Anacortes

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    Oyster Run in Anacortes

    I was wondering if anyone know's anything about the Anacortes Oyster bike rally this weekend? Ever been? Thinking about going but not sure if it's a cruiser thing

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    None right now...
    I've been told by a few older riders I know that it's definitely not just a cruiser thing. According to them, it's an all-bikes thing. Yes, there will be cruisers there too, but there will be lots of sportbikes as well.

    I'm kinda torn between the Baker run and the Anacortes run this year... I'd like to go do the Chuckanut again, so i'm leaning towards the Anacortes run.
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    I'm checking it out this year. I gotta remember to get the xtra travel insurance

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    I need several years between outings - have done it probably twice in last 5 years and that's enough for me/for now, as it's too much like a giant show n' shine with a heavily weighted Made In America bike contingent present.

    If you've never been and you don't mind crowds/traffic congestion, probably worth it to at least check it out/meet some other riders. Or, you might want to consider giving it a pass this year since the forecast looks okay, and just get a good ride in somewhere before the weather turns to crap.
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    Did that last year and it was a once a lifetime event.
    I waited in line with 10,000 other riders, all idling for miles to a very crowded small town, then waited for parking, and for a lunch, and then to leave as fast as I could (at a slow walking speed) to get away from it.
    If you want to look at other bikes and riders, go ahead but be prepared for heavy traffic.

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    So who went and how was it?

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    I went and froze my ass clean off on the way down @ 7:30am (heated vest and all). Rolled right into into Anacortez @ 10'ish without any delay to the sight of some 10,000 bikes. Sport bike contingent probably represented about 15% of the bikes there. Alot of metric cruisers. Looked like a mini Sturgis with a plethora of street vendors selling trinkets, food, parts, etc. Weasther was perfect by mid morning. Best to go early in the morning, and leave by 2:30pm when we really only had to ride through a traffic jam exiting Anacortez for anout 30 minutes. After that, smooth sailing.

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