Posted for a friend. Check link for pics

Factory refurbished xbox from Future Shop. Owned it for 3 years, no problems. 14 games... Forza, Need for Speed Underground 2, Medal of Honor Frontline, Halo, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Episode III, Star Wars Knights II, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, Splinter Cell, Gladiator, Gladius, Sonic Mega Edition, Super Bubble Pop and Dance Revolution which comes with the Dance pad too. All games have cases and instructions. This system was adult owned. All the required audio video cables are there, as well as power cord. There are 4 controllers. 2 are S-Type, 1 original Xbox version and 1 other Madcatz version. Also included is the Xbox DVD adapter to watch Videos from the console. Lots invested here. Make an offer and see what happens.