My rant with RIP threads and general "accidents"
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Thread: My rant with RIP threads and general "accidents"

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    My rant with RIP threads and general "accidents"

    I've had enough of this crap, FLAME ON (pardon the pun of course).

    I for one think that picking apart a accident has no g'dam place inna rip thread. NONE. Bottomline. Pay our respects and let it be at that. The people, FRIENDS, FAMILLY, LOVED ONES, don't need to see that shit. They don't need to see people saying that shit. They're in pain, and posting/reading in that thread about the person that has died/badly injured, may give them a shadow of comfort and relief. "MAY".

    OK I will be the very first to agree with anyone these accidents are in the most part 95% RIDER ERROR! THATS RIGHT! RIDER PHUCKING ERROR! 120-150 inna 50 zone. RIDER ERROR! Intersection accidents RIDER ERROR. Rough corner RIDER ERROR. The most effective way to control rider error, drop that godamn ego when picking up that shiney lid. Define rider error any damn way you want, it still is RIDER ERROR. I know if I ever get into a accident it will be because of rider error. Sure theres tha chance I'll get whacked by some drunk or some pucking retard on their bloody cell or perhaps the poor sap thats late for work and focuses on getting there, not driving/riding there.

    I HATE seeing some stoopid dumbass saying that "ohh if they had worn proper gear they would still be around... UP YOURS!!! Never heard of a pair good riding pants prevent a broken neck. Boots, they "protect" your feet and ankels, not your life. Leather pants, will for some part help protect your shins (should you have armor in them) and your knees and from road rash but not YOUR LIFE. Leather jacket, nominal protection to your elbows and shoulders and good road rash barrier. (that foam POS in tha back won't do shit to save your ass. All these things help to protect you BUT only in rare circumstances will they ever save your life. Back protector, kidney belt is about the best your can use to offer more "protection" but when it comes down to it, IMPACT KILLS not road rash or a broken leg.

    Flame off.
    *Pardon my abusive language, but seeing this crap enrages me, and it was time to unload*
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