Wow...wheres all the bikes near canada place?
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Thread: Wow...wheres all the bikes near canada place?

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    Wow...wheres all the bikes near canada place?

    So I rode to work today (yesterday day off) and I don't see ANY bikes on cordova and howe...seems kind of eerrie...maybe u guys all got towed and stopped parkingon the street?

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    It's big and heavy.. must be a sport tourer
    i might say they drove to work....
    but riding through downtown this morning... i still passed by several people on motorcycles... but no where near the same numbers as in august...
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    It's a lot less secure to park there now, after the tow fest earlier this year. I used to park there all the time, but now I've found an alternate spot. At least until the City Council can get their head out. Upcoming election, let's make it an issue!

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