I have a Ventura rack system that I used on my 2003 SV650S before I bought my Z1000. All of the parts were interchangeable except for the L-brackets.

I bought the new L-brackets for the Z1000 and installed it on that bike until I traded it 2 days ago for my ST1300, which has built in bags, making this useless for me now.

I am asking $250 CAD +shipping.

I am selling the following items with the system:
  • K075 L-bracket Z1000 2003-2005
  • S097 L-bracket SV650(S) 2003-2005
  • PR13 Pack Rack
  • GH13/19 Grab Rail
  • P145 Areo-Spada Pack 45L (Dark Blue)
  • PS13 Shoulder Straps for Areo-Spada Rack (Black)
  • SC145 Storm Cover (Black)
www.cycleventure.com will give you more information. You may even be able to use most of the parts in my system on your bike of a different make/model.

For example, to fit this system to a 2003-2004 636, you would only have to purchase new L-brackets, everything else would fit.



ZX636 (if new L-brackets purchased)