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    Oil consumption

    In another thread, we discussed how some Yamahas like to illuminate their engine oil light. The solution was to add more oil, because the Yamaha oil sensor measures oil level, not oil pressure.

    Well, my FZ1 has this problem, and I've been adding a bit of oil to fix it. But after my little track day on the weekend (ART), I am getting the oil light coming on again. But I just put oil in the bike a week before?!

    So, how much engine oil should a 2001 FZ1 with ~9500 kms on it burn? Is it usual for this oil to "disappear"!?

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    I have just over 15000km's on my '02 R1 and so far had never had my oil light come on. I also never noticed any loss of oil between oil changes. Even after ART class and Sundays ripping around Tradex I have not have had to add any oil. Would be interesting to find out why you have this happening. Isn't your engine basically the same as mine??
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    Hard to say. Perhaps you just finished the breakin of the engine. Or it never broke in completley with your riding style. I'm serious here. It's really hard to ride a bike like any of the new sportbikes or new high performance nakeds to stress the rings like they should be and not loose your license in the process.

    I'd keep a close eye on it over the next while and see if it's still a problem. It' might have just sucked a bit up through the rings thanks to the higher than normal revs on the course and that's all you'll ever see of this or you may have cracked a valve guide seal or something and it'll still be there. In any event it certainly needs to be watched closely for a while.

    Or perhaps with the style of bike it is it's reaching for it's Harley roots............

    Sorry but the made me say that........
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    Sustained high speed and high rpm running will cause higher oil consumption. For example, I had a machine in good tune that used no oil between changes under average brisk riding conditions. Same bike WFO for a whole tank of gas used a litre of oil!
    Also, if run your bike consistently in the upper rev range and use the engine as a brake, (slam the throttle shut) your oil consumption will increase. Remember a motor is a big air pump and high rpm+closed throttle = oil sucked past valve guide seals and rings. That piston is trying to suck air through a tiny gap and exerts a lot of suction everywhere!

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    I read on a R1 forum that slight oil comsumption is common on R1's. I have to add about 1/4 litre of oil for every 2 to 3 gas tanks on my '00 R1. I also had to do this on my '98 R1. I wouldn't worry about it.

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