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    Hey Guys, How much is spent to keep your bike purring?

    So first, List your bike.... And second average cost per year.

    Not incuding mods or extras... just pure maintenance.


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    It would depend on the bike and who's doing the work.
    I'm running a Triumph Sprint but you'd find the same results with most modern Jap. bikes. Biggest difference will be if you can do you're own work.
    I was doing 30,000 a year and that's 6 oil changes (6x$50.00), a set of tires or a set and a rear($300-500), and maybe a chain every second year(300). A valve adjust might be $200-300 and fuel filters, brake pads, etc. all add up. Also the cost of riding gear has to be added in. I'd guess it's somewhere around $1000 to $1500 for just basic running costs. If something goes wrong though, you could tack an extra $1000 easy.
    I've never actuallt sat down and figured it out because I'm afraid if I did, I'd quit & by a Geo Metro.

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