Problem With 2001 F4i
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Thread: Problem With 2001 F4i

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    Problem With 2001 F4i

    Wondering if anyone else has had this same problem and how to solve it. My Fi light has come on, I looked the code up and it was 11 ("loose or poor contact on vehicle speed sensor")

    I guess that is why my speedometer keeps cutting out... going down to zero while I am still moving, then cutting back in. But not all the time. I can't find any pattern with it, its all over, sometimes it is fine for days, others not.

    I have checked wiring, as much as I can see atleast... it appears to be okay.

    My questions are... has anyone else had this problem and how it was solved?

    And, What else should I be looking at to try to fix this?

    And, If I leave it for a while, because the bike is operating fine ( just can't tell my speed sometimes) are there going to be other problem that could arise from this one?


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    none at the moment
    Go see John at Carter Honda Coquitlam, it'll tell you what's wrong.
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    maybe the battery is no good?

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    probably just replace the sensor.they do go bad from time to time.

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