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    1999 CBR F4 now being borderlined. Ready in a couple months!!!!

    F4 and F4I parts

    Borderline and I are building me a new bike I will be striping my f4 down to almost nothing. Here is what will be available
    1. f4i front fairing (minimal Damage)
    2. f4 front fairing (minimal damage)
    3. f4 front fairing (brand new)
    4. 2 f4 right side fairing ( mint)
    5. 1 f4 right fairing (mint)
    6. f4 Swing arm (mint)
    7. f4 lights (mint)
    8. 2 f4 tail fairings (mint)
    9. f4 rear seat cowl (rare)
    10. f4 subframe (mint)
    11. f4 wheels
    12. f4i race tail fairing (brand new)
    13. f4i race belly (brand new)
    14. f4 front forks (mint)
    15. f4 brakes

    If your looking for any of these parts msg me. If what your looking for is not listed I may have it.
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