F2 missing after restart...
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Thread: F2 missing after restart...

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    F2 missing after restart...

    So I was riding through Vancouver Friday night and my fan came on. No problem. The bike did get quite hot. I figured it's no big deal. I park the bike and go off to the club (Blarney Stone ) 5 hours later I return to the bike and start it up. Some cylinders are misfiring or something. The engine barbles below about 5 grand. After she warms up it's all peachy again. I'm wondering what the reason for this is. Could it have been a vapour lock or something like that? Otherwise the bike runs like a champ all the time. Just that one time Friday night I shut off the engine when it was as hot as it can get.

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    tough one but with the cold weather at nights the jettings gonna change and possibly be harder to start or run worse until its warm.

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