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Thread: wheels?

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    Sup guys

    How much does it usually cost to get a new set of wheels + tires? My dad's DR350 is running 18" rear and 20" front, with knobby tires. He wants to go with something more appropriate for the street. Something cheap and good?

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    5thgear ALWAYS has the best prices on tires.

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    I wouldn't bother getting new wheels mite, just tyres should do the job. Check out this thread for some recommendations: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=55986

    Those are all tyres that should fit the stock 18/21 rims. And like Thor said, check out 5th Gear for both advice and low prices.

    Getting new 17" rims would be a waste of money for that bike. Good 'sportsman' tyres might run you a couple hundred bucks - supermoto rims and tyres are gonna be in the $1500 range (give or take a couple hundred bucks). A larger front rotor might help too, for street riding. That'll be another couple hundred, or less.
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    I outcorner sportbikes in the Medium group at BB with my DR350 and the smoother road oriented rubber.

    I agree. Just tell him to get good rubber for it.

    For that matter I dragged my toes in a turn with the knobby Pirelli MT21's once too. Mind you it was more of a drop in and then stand up sort of right hand turn but the tires didn't squirm or slip at all.
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