I've done a little upgrading with my system so I now have some extra stuff kicking around that needs a new home.

I have 2x 256mb DDR400 (NOT DDR2) RAM chips (184 pin). I believe the make is Samsung, I used them without incident for a good deal of time but picked up some OCZ memory for a good price and upgraded. I'm not exactly sure what the CAS latency on these are...I believe it's either 2.5 or 3. So, if you need something to expand your system and want to run it in dual channel mode, this is a good bargain for you. I believe they are priced around $32/chip. I'll sell 'em both for $45.

I also have an ATX Antec 300W P4 ready Silent power supply. As long as you're not running anything too crazy (like 4 hard drives and a super video card), it'll do you just fine. It's nice and quiet and also has the SATA power adapters if you're going to be using SATA drives. I *believe* it's a 24 pin adapter for the motherboard...but it could be 20 pin. So, don't quote me on that just yet. The PSU sells for about $50 and I'll let it go for $30.

If you want both the PSU and the RAM, I'll cut you a bit of a deal. But I'll think about that if the situation arises.