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    Sunday Motorcycle school?

    Hey dudes, just starting to get into Motorcycling, have never rode a motorcycle. So I figured, may aswell take a course to see if I like motorcycles, and get a feel for it. I have being looking at numerous courses and found this one of interest.

    It says that it is ICBC approved and what not so that should be good. Has anyone had any experience with this course? I was thinking of doing the 10 hour 1 on 1 training course.

    My second question is: When taking my test, not written one, do I have to have my own bike, or is there bikes that I could rent or whatever?

    Thanks everyone, Hope you haven't all heard these questions too much.

    PS. This forum is awesome, I can't wait to hopefully join some of you on group rides next summer.

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    sunday motorycle is pretty good
    i am pretty sure your motorcycle school will provide you with a bike for the test

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    1999 CBR F4 now being borderlined. Ready in a couple months!!!!
    I did the sunday 1 on 1 training...loved it!

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    Which test are you talking about ? There's 4.

    The L Test (computer knowledge test, touch screen)

    MSA, the Motorcycle Skills Assessment, for this, you need a helmet, and an insured and registered motorcycle.

    For your N, you need a helmet, insured + registered motorcycle.

    For your full class 6, you need a helmet, and an insured and registered motorcycle.

    Most courses allow to you get your MSA in the course (the 30-40hr style courses, costing $500-600) which includes use of their motorcycle for the test. The test is given by your instructors if they are ICBC approved, you then take your piece of paper to driver service's, and walla! You can ride on your own.

    I highly recommend taking the entire course, because if you don't, you need to buy a motorcycle, insure it, then get your "buddy" to ride it down because you can't and take the test. And there's no gaurentee you'll pass (if you go to Driver Service's it's a parking lot test).

    Best of luck though, I looked into Sunday but ended up going BCSC.

    ALSO, most courses such as Sunday or BCSC, will allow you to rent one of their mototcycle if you have gone through their training (like the 10 hour 1 on 1) for the MSA / Road test / Class 6 test

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    If you check around the site, you'll find that BCSC and Action Motorcycle School are at the top of the charts... I took my course at Action and when asked, advise ALL that ask me to go to Action... the course is the most important investment in your motorcycle riding career... it's what going to save you when you need it the most and expect it the least. Action Motorcycle School... I watched one of my fellow riders crash into a ditch and then my girlfriend crash right after and what was bred into me in the course saved me from being the third to follow through. My gf had taken the course too but she was the rider right behind so it was a bit hard for her to break out in time... The first rider suffered a broken collarbone and my gf was lucky and only scraped her knee a bit. The course taught me the actions needed to get out of that sticky situation and I did it without even thinking about it. Otherwise, I would have flown into the ditch and could have gotten into a more serious injury.

    At Action, they provide almost all necessary equipment for you. eg. bike, helmet, gloves... all you need to bring is a decent jacket (jeans or strength equivalent) and boots that can at least cover your ankles. The MSA (MSA? I thought it was called the MST... either way... the test usually in the parking lot so you can ride before taking the class 6 full test) will be done by them and the final Road Ride will be done by ICBC. The course will provide you with a bike so you can take the course so you don't have to buy & insure & such~~

    G'luck~~ Riding is a feeling nothing else can replicate... it's freedom will make driving a daily commute feel... (except when it's raining and snowing and super bad weather, then you'll love driving.. hahaha... unless you're one of those fanatics who ride year round~~~ ~_^)
    We rode our bikes together, we laughed together, we cryed together, we even lived together. All our friends said we were a the perfect match. I can tell the world that I know I'm the luckiest person alive because I got to live my dream for 3 years 7 months and 11 days.

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    caDEY, MST = action's version, MSA = icbc's version. same test, but MSA is done at icbc location, MST is done away from, and when you pass you bring your paper to icbc to get credit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graphix007
    I did the sunday 1 on 1 training...loved it!
    it's alrite...he didn't really teach me how to ride a sport bike...

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