In Need Of Cheap Paint Job.
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Thread: In Need Of Cheap Paint Job.

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    In Need Of Cheap Paint Job.

    Im looking to have my plastic painted from my bike ...its a VTR 1000 ..Im looking for a Maaco Job but for Bikes ...any one want to make some beer money ..I can do the prep work ..and prime..just need a good spray job..

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    Macco said that they would paint my bike for $350 last time I asked.
    Their product looks really good, but doesnt always seem to stand the test of time.
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    There's a little garage body work shop just a few doors north of Burnaby Kawi. They don't have a lot or overhead (or shop for that matter) but I've seen some nice jobs come out of this little hole. If it's not too far out of the way you may want to ask them for a quote.

    Just wet sand the present paint for prep and let them prime if needed. If your present paint isn't too badly scratched you don't even need to sand right through to the plastic. Just make it so it's not glossy.

    Don't do your own priming. Rattle can primer is not very compatible with most paints these days. Everything is so specialized.
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