Rider Down. R.I.P
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    Rider Down. R.I.P

    Does anyone know who the rider was that was killed in langley on Sunday. I just read about it in the Province paper. Something about T-boneing or getting T-boned at a red light on 200th st and the freeway?
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    According to the story I read in the local paper, he was heading north on 200th and ran a red light, t-boning a car that was turning south on 200th, either at or near 88th Avenue.

    RIP rider.

    Be safe out there people.
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    R.I.P Rider

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    If it was over the bridge, visibility of traffic is low because the bridge is essentially a hill you come up and over. The lights should have been visible.

    I find it more dangerous merging westbound onto the freeway, visibility isn't too good because of the nearby bridge, and there's a dip where the roads were seamed together that can give you the jiggles if you're carrying too much speed (and potentially put you into the lane you shouldn't be merging into just yet). So heads up for that.
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    Oh man, just a few blocks from my house. I'm on that road everyday and that hits a little close to home. RIP Rider

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    What a shame, it seems that there are too many of these types of posts having to go up nowadays. Lets try to ride safe. RIP Rider.
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    rip rider

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    RIP rider.
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    rest in peace

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    Ride In Peace - and condolances to his/her family & friends. Although we've seen too many such threads this year, I'm mindful that with each new RIP thread there's a whole new group of loved ones just beginning to experience their sudden loss and sorrow for the first time. My thoughts are with them.
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    Well put Charles...roll on rider...play safe everyone it only takes one mistake
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