Focal Polyglass 33v2 sub. It's New.. used for about 10 minutes. 700 Dollars new. I will give it away for 500$.

Here's the deal. I had an identical sub for 9 months in my car.. never any problems.. the quality was amazing. But, my amp is too powerful for my sub and one night a few weeks ago buddy cranked it too loud and it cooked the coils.

I took it back.. they would not replace it under warranty because the damage was due to abuse but they did offer to give me a new one since I am a good customer, but it cost me 600 bucks (instead of 700).

While in the store I fell in love with an ECLIPSE SW9122 and I also came to the realization I want more than this already ridiculous amount of volume.

The Focal Polyglass 33v2 is the perfect sub.. very high fidelity. I had this particular one installed yesterday morning and tuned.

Here is a photo

500 bucks obo