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    Winterize your Bike

    its about that time!
    just wanted to get your suggestions on how to winterize your bike. i have an '02 zx6r. if i just put fuel stabil and started my bike once a month, would my bike be ok?

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    its got 2 wheels
    I dont think your supposed to start your bike. I would just put in the stabilizer, clean your chain and just let it sit until next season. Thats what i always do and she runs perfect.

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    I would suggest reading your manual. Someone on here said that, and I read mine. Seems to cover basically everything, with the odd things that seem like money grabs.

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    All I do is put methyl hydrate in my tank which breaks up any water, run the motor to get it in the carbs then pull the battery and bring it in the house so it doesnt freeze. Ideally if you trickle charge it occasionally the battery will stay healthy for longer. When I lived in PG Iworked at an RV place the mechanics used a foaming oil product that was sprayed in the cylinders of boat motors to coat everything I have a can somewhere but havent used it on my bikes yet
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