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    Exclamation Me N' Hershey

    Hey, I'm new to this forum... my older bro Hershey showed me it. lol
    Me and Hershey met up not to long ago and he took me for a ride with him on his motorcycle, we were going 100 KM a hour down a road
    well just telling you that im here now, and also ive been looking for a cheap used dirt bike, if anyone got some info bout one below 400 bucks just email me at

    peace out

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    oh no, another hershey =)


    if u find a dirt bike and get in running lets go for a rip in stave lake with u and hersh. i need some people to ride with from the fraser valley

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    Haha, Great... and even stupider Hershey. Going on a bike with a guy who doesn't have a full class 5 licence. Nevermind an unsafe rebel with gunked carbs. And no licence for a motorcycle. Nevermind, I would love to see the gear you two squids are wearing going 100 kmh. This is priceless. WooWoo hey Cops!

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