Slippery intersection warning! Kitsilano.
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Thread: Slippery intersection warning! Kitsilano.

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    Exclamation Slippery intersection warning! Kitsilano.

    This morning at around 4:45 a.m. there was a two-vehicle collision outside my bedroom window at West 12th and Arbutus, Kitsilano, Vancouver. Aside from wondering how in the hell they managed to tangle it up when there was NOBODY ON THE ROAD (actually, I think I know exactly how...see below), I happen to know that this steeply sloping busy intersection is now coated with oil and wet clay (kitty litter), as it is drizzling. Looking at it now you can hardly see the stains 'cause everything is wet, but I'll wager it hasn't rained enough to wash the crap off. This could surprise the krap out of you if you were used to diving into the corner from W 12th westbound to Arbutus northbound!

    Be careful out there, especially when it's just started to rain, and watch for new stains on your "familiar" routes.

    As for how they managed to crash, I'll wager the pickup truck with the camper shell was waiting to turn left onto 12th, and the light turned yellow. The pickup assumed (as people here do) that the oncoming civic (?) would stop, but instead they gunned it. WHAMMO. All because neither one wanted to sit through one light rotation on otherwise empty roads. So much for saving a minute. Of course this is all conjecture. But, there is something just, well, not right about the roads and drivers around here. IMHO.

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    My friend is a mechanic for BCAA. He's already given me plenty of warning about riding when it rains after a drought. He tells me it's amazing how the number of accidents goes way up when the roads suddenly become slick from the accumulated grease and oil.
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