Accident on the #1 pre-Toy Run - outcome?
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Thread: Accident on the #1 pre-Toy Run - outcome?

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    Accident on the #1 pre-Toy Run - outcome?

    Our small group passed a very recent accident on the #1 this morning heading east out to the Toy Run. It looked like it was a couple of guys who'd we'd seen also meet up at the 1st and Rupert Chevron with toys in evidence.

    When we got to the scene, it looked like it had happened a few minutes previously, but some other riders and cars had stopped and had traffic and first aid under control.

    What appeared to have happened from a quick glance driving by was that one bike and the rear bumper of a car made contact, sending that bike into another bike. I believe one bike was black and one red, but I'm no longer sure - I was mostly looking at the people.

    There was one rider on the ground - he looked to be in pain, but was moving all extremities. I didn't see if the other was OK, but the ambulance was arriving as we left.

    Does anyone know what happened and what the outcome was? We were all a bit shaken by it and would love to hear that the riders were OK.
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    Hey, Were all ok just really sore, not to sure what happened,

    but a big thanks to all the people who stopped to help out.

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