PETITION - Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver
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Thread: PETITION - Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver

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    PETITION - Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver

    **** The Petition is up & running again!!! ****

    The Website was doing some upgrading and now the Petition is back online. The only change is that you get an advertisement pop up after submitting... I guess it's what to expect when using a free site!

    BTW, if you're by the Flying Swan CoffeeHouse, just ask Harreson for the written petition and you can sign it there. Thanks for your support!


    ************************************************** ***************

    As posted in the General Sportbike Chat Forum... this is probably a good spot for this topic:

    As you all know, Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver has been an issue for quite some time.

    With the support of BCCOM, I am starting a petition to the City of Vancouver to take action in facilitating motorcycle parking, such as the City of Burnaby is already doing (corner clearance parking in triangles, etc).

    An online petition can be signed at the following link:

    Even if you don't travel into Vancouver, your support is appreciated. This is a petition for all motorcyclists & citizens of British Columbia. This will eventually be presented to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities to create uniform policies in all areas regarding this issue.

    A written petition is also being distributed. I will canvass all the MC shops around town for their support in helping to spread the word and get more signatures too. If you've already signed, thanks for your support! Your comments and suggestions are also welcome!

    Please spread the word! The more signatures we get, the louder our voice! Let's get at least 2000 signatures to start!

    Let them know that Motorcycles will always outnumber Smart Cars! It's time for recognition!

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    You've reached a petition that is not yet up and running. Check back here soon to sign this petition.

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    Maybe you want to post this when its actually worth posting ...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Green 9R
    Maybe you want to post this when its actually worth posting ...........
    Sorry Guys! Looks like the old "ctrl-c" didn't copy the link correctly! You should be able to reach the Petition now! Thanks for letting me know!

    Thanks for your support!

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    So far, here's the number of collected signatures - Written Petition = 72; Online Petition = 176
    Let's keep it going! Thanks!
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