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    Storage Question

    It says, Pour one table spoon of motor oil into each spark plug hole. Reinstall the spark plugs and crank the engine a few times.


    what does it mean crank the engine? Does it actually mean fire it up? or what?

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    without the spark plug wires attached, I think is what it says. Wouldn't do this unless you are planning to leave it idle for 12 months+.

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    you need to crank the engine without it leave the wires off and just spin the engine for a few seconds....what you are doing is putting an extra coating of oil in the cylinders to help stop any rusting from moisture in the air.....if you store the bike inside a warm dry place this is not necesary...if it is gona be out side spray WD 40 into the exhaust also and wrap the bike up with a tarp, take the battery out and put it on charge once in a while....if you can remember spray your discs with WD40 but make sure you don't get any on the pucks and do not forget to wash them with contact cleaner before you use the bike....
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